Bonnie Hancock-Moore moved to Deer Lake, NL approximately four years ago from her hometown Happy Valley, Goose Bay, NL. She is currently employed as a social worker in the mental health field; however, she has a background in child protection, youth corrections and sexual abuse/assault crisis work. Her educational background includes: A Bachelor of Arts in Community Studies from UCB in 1999; Honors Bachelor of Social Work degree from Lakehead University; and Masters of Social Work from Memorial University.


Bonnie is currently married with two beautiful children age 17 and 10. Aside from work, she loves to sing while also having a crafty hand with lots of different hobby interests. She is a deeply spiritual person, who believes in self-care and life balance. She believes that positive friends and family keep her grounded and she enjoys laughter, humor and the company of others. Bonnie feels that life events can be difficult and devastating; however, she also believes in the strength of the human spirit to endure and to rise up and overcome obstacles. Sometimes we just need to ask for help to get us through the rough times and draw our personal support systems to comfort and support us.